How NOT to Propose

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Kasal has made a list of ways to NOT propose:

From their site:

One of the worst wedding proposals ever made can be seen in the movie “The Bachelor” where Chris O’ Donnell makes his proposal in the Starlight Lounge, a restaurant known among the locals as the place to pop THE QUESTION.

Why is it the worst? Jimmie (O’Donnell) proposes to Anne (Rene Zellweger) capping their three-year relationship with the very dry and very unromantic statement ” You win”. Needless to say, this kind of proposal did not merit the desired response. But who can blame Zellweger’s character. That’s is why this article sees fit to advise all those who would want to ask on the don’ts of popping the question.

Their list:

  • Don’t put the engagement ring in anything edible
  • Don’t overdo on the props
  • Don’t invite everybody
  • Don’t ask a complicated one

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